Sparkle, Shine & Protect


Handcrafted in the USA. Outshining Other Brands Since 1994

Clean and Polish
On the Go
In Just Seconds

More convenient and effective than an ultrasonic cleaner. Just spray and brush. 

Polish As You Clean

Jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, metals (stainless steel), chrome, glass, mirrors, plastics

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Perfect For

Jewelry, eyewear, phones, countertops, appliances electronic screens (TV, tablet, computer), watches, mirrors, boats, autos, cycles, fans

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Safely Cleans and Protects

No Abrasives, No Ammonia, No Acid.

It’s anti-fogging, anti-static, and surface protecting from dust and grim. Reduces fingerprint smudging too.

Safe for any jewelry. It's even safe for most softer gemstones such as emeralds, opals or pearls.

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5 Stars on ETSY

"Been Using Purple Miracle for over 10 years and love it"

~ Ann Karmis

"My glasses are cyrstal clear"

~ cliffordcat

"My ring has never looked so amazing!"

~ Brandy


Save Time. Get More Done.

It will RESTORE both BRILLIANCE to your jewels and SHINE to the metal with it.

It'll REMOVE dirt, SKIN OILShard water, and lotions off of any gemstone and diamond...  
...Your phone and eyeglasses too!

It even PROTECTS  FROM DUST on surfaces like your fan, computer screens, phones, and laptops or tire rims. 
More CONVENIENT than an ultrasonic cleaner.
Just spray and brush or wipe.

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Our Super Pack & Give-Aways are the Best Deals

Free shipping in the U.S. for orders $60 and above

Super Pack - Save $26 dollars!

Value it like a miracle!  FREE SHIPPING U.S. ONLY. 
Buy 3 bottles of the Standard 16 oz size and get the 8 oz bottle! Give one bottle away.   $68

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Give Away Gift Pack - Bestow Uniquely

SOLD OUT. Buy in bulk, 4 - 2 oz bottles. Give these away at fundraisers, weddings, parties, and more. The perfect goodie bag item, stocking stuffer, holiday gift & party favor. $35 

Out of Stock

Standard, 16 oz - For the discriminating user

Outshine the rest! Our standard size is for jewelry, eyewear, phones, TV & computer screens, watches, glass, chrome, mirrors, boats, autos, cycles, countertops & fans. $21.50

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Small Size, 8 oz - Starter and gift size

Our small size is perfect for jewelry, eyewear, phones, TV & computer screens, watches, glass, chrome, mirrors, boats, autos, cycles, countertops & fans. $13.50

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Purse and Carry On Traveler, 2 oz

SOLD OUT. Always ready. You are to be blessed to travel brilliantly - for any occasion. $9.50

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Bring Your Chrome and Other Metals Back To Life

Detail your Rims, Bumpers, and more...

On boats, for example, it's safe on canvas vinyl side closures, all gauges, dials, teak and fiberglass.

Protects from dust and grim.


Catch us LIVE for Demos

You'll find us at wedding events, fundraisers, festivals, arts & craft shows, mother's day and holiday events - even in goodie bags.

Wedding Events

Across America


SoCal and Online

Festivals & Art Shows

Southern California

How To Use

Get full instructions


Antique, Fine and Costume


Prescription or Not


Netflix viewing never looked better


TV/Computer/Moble/Tablet Screens

Plastic and Glass

Including windshields such as isinglass, strata glass, plexiglass and lexan

Chrome & Other Metals

Start with spraying the surface...

CDs, DVDs & Vinyl

See special spray instructions

Stainless Steel

Start with a cloth...


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