the original “Purple Cleaner & Polish" product

Handcrafted with a Special Touch

Outshining Others Since 1994

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You are about to own and hold a product that comes with a special touch. Purple Miracle is handcrafted with a blessing. And now you have it to do miracles with the things you are passionate about. So go ahead and “Spray for Miracles.” Sparkle, shine, and protect. Share with us on Facebook your stories with Purple Miracle.

We are the original “Purple Polish & Cleaner" product; outshining others since 1994. Everyone has a cleaner, but this is a polish too. See the difference. It,

▪ Safely cleans, polishes and protects any jewelry, stones, metals, chrome, glass, mirrors, plastics.

▪ Perfect to use on all jewelry, eyewear, screens, mirrors, kitchen appliances and countertops, boats, autos, cycles & fans.

▪ Prevents fog and fingerprints, creating high-definition vision for your eyeglasses, sunglasses, helmets, and protective eyewear

▪ Cleans and prevents fingerprints on all your glass, crystal, fine china, electronic devices, stainless steel, granite, and marble

▪ Cleans and reduces fingerprints and smudges on your touch screen phones and tablets ▪ Protects surfaces from dust on your fan, computer screens or tire rims

▪ Safely cleans and protects. No Abrasives, No Ammonia, No Acid.

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