Spray For Miracles

Clean and Polish On the Go - In Just Seconds.

Handcrafted in the USA

Sparkle, Shine & Protect

Purple Miracle Jewelry Cleaner and Polish

Handcrafted in the USA. Outshining Other Brands Since 1994
It polishes as you clean: jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, metals, chrome, glass, mirrors, plastics.

Perfect for jewelry, eyewear, watches, electronic screens, mirrors, boats, autos, cycles, countertops & fans.

Safely cleans and protects: No Abrasives, No Ammonia, No Acid.

Safe for any jewelry. It's even safe for most softer gemstones such as emeralds, opals or pearls.

It’s even anti-fogging, anti-static and reduces fingerprints and dust.

Clean and Polish on the go - in just seconds: More convenient than an ultrasonic cleaner. Just spray and brush or spray and wipe (depending on the surface). Purple Miracle not only cleans, but it also polishes! It will bring brilliance to your jewels and shine to the metal with it. This cleaning spray removes dirt, skin oils, hard water, and lotions off of any gemstone and diamond. Your eyeglasses too!

It even protects surfaces like your fan, computer screens or tire rims from dust.

Where to use Purple Miracle:
All Jewelry, Brass / Bronze, Copper, Chrome, Diamonds, Emeralds, Gold, Jade, Mercantile, Marcasite, Opals, Onyx, Pearls, Platinum, Rubies, Sapphire, Scripture, Silver, Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, Tanzanite, Turquoise.

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Sparkle, Shine & Protect

What you love the most, Spray' em and become a believer.

Purple Miracle gets the job done

Polish and Shine: it's a Labor of Love

Time is Ticking 

Hi Def Viewing

Enjoy Your Next Video, Smudge Free.

Counters and Stainless Steel Should Always Shine

Discover Who You Are... 
With a Clear Reflection

Spotless is Beautiful
Glass Tables and Windows

Remove the Dust and Static

Repel the Brake Dust
Keep the Car Chrome Smiling

Since 1994 this product has been designed and perfected to achieve unparalleled results for consumers to use from home in just seconds.

Our approach to bringing you sparkle, shine, and protection includes: to ensure your diamond or other items are the most brilliant and clean from dirt, skin oils, lotion and product deposits, and hard water residue.

Size Availability and Other Info:
Purple Miracle comes in three sizes: 16 oz, 8 oz and 2 oz bottles (great for your purse or for travel, fits TSA guidelines)

- Product ships within 2 - 3 days

- It's completely safe for all your jewelry and gems, including plated jewelry, pearls, opals, turquoise, and lapis. However, do not soak

- Spray, brush if needed, and rinse immediately.

- For silver items, it will remove light to medium (yellow-brown) everyday tarnish from silver but because it's designed not to harm applied patinas and antiquing often found on silver jewelry, it will not remove heavy black tarnish.

- Click here for additional cleaning and use instructions

Ingredient Info:
- Contains alcohol
- For external use only
- Keep out of reach of children Handcrafted in the USA

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Distributorship Available

Distributorship available thru Purple Miracle, Los Angeles, CA. Contact us to learn more.

Email us what has drawn your interest in becoming a distributor. And let us know the best way and time to get a hold of you. 


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